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Past Life Memory

by June Kaminski, MSN PhD(c)

Past life recall is an elusive subject in Western society, yet a common and accepted one in many other countries and cultures. In recent years, Eastern philosophies as well as ancient European ones have precipated a surge of interest in the possibilities of multiple lives.

More and more people are giving at least some thought to the potential credibility of the notion that they may have lived before: as another person of either gender, in another era and often in another country and socioeconomic situation. People ar beginning to pay attention to "deja vu" experiences, or sudden and brief "pictures" of themselves as another person - and at least wonder if these could be clues to who they were before.

Often, when first studying the theory of reincarnation, people wonder why they don't remember clearly who they were. How could this theory be true, if it is all so vague and often impossible to validate? There are many reasons for this block in memory, one being the fact that it is not part of our mainstream culture. In countries where past lives are a "given", young children often share long dialogues of memories about their lives in other times and other bodies. In fact, some children have remembered being people who had died within the past decade or two, which did lead to investigation and uncanny evidence. There does seem to be evidence in countries like India for this theory of reincarnation.

Another reason that we often do not readily remember all of our past lives is that our memories are best focused on NOW, this life. Remembering our past lives does have merit but should not lead to feelings of longing or obsession. Certain memories of relevant past lives can give us alot of "hidden" information about our life's work this time round, and what recurrent patterns, life partners, and unresolved karma, fears, and challenges we have chosen to work with in this lifetime. These same selective memories and life parallels can point us to the gifts and talents that we chose to work on in this present life, and even who we have chosen to spend our lives with, whether a spouse, children, parents, friends, coworkers, and so on.

The resources on this site will guide you through some activities to help you to get in touch with the past lives that are pertinent to this current life you are experiencing right now. As you practice these activities, you will find glimpses and memories sprouting up more and more as you go about your daily life. The lessons, the talents, the messages from your former selves can help you discover the true meaning of your life and to ascertain what your Life Path is now in the 21st century.

To begin to explore the topic of reincarnation and past lives, sit back and mull over these questions. Write down your answers as well.

1. What places have you always dreamt of visiting?

2. Are there places that totally repel you?

3. Are there historical eras that fascinate you?

4. Are there any people that you have felt instantly drawn to? Ones that you ponder over - wondering where you've met them before?

5. What talents were you "born with"? Or which talents were easy for you to cultivate?

6. Have you ever experienced "deja vu"?

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