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Past Life Memory
Past life recall is an elusive subject in Western society, yet a common and accepted one in many other countries and cultures. In recent years, Eastern philosophies as well as ancient European ones have precipated a surge of interest in the possibilities of multiple lives.
Eras of our Past Lives
As we all know, the human race has progressed through many distinct eras of history. Often the first past life "recall" that people experience is a feeling of resonance with a certain time period along the continuum of human existence.
Tuning Into Past Life Locations
Quite often, the first clue of the context of a past life is the unexplainable "drawing" feeling one gets when they think of a particular country, city, or specific geological type of place. This country or place could even be one that the person has never actually been to in this lifetime. Yet, the pull is strong and familar.
Begin a Past Life Memory Journal
A journal of your past life memories, resonances and synchronicities will help you to learn to tune into subtle and obvious hints of the past lives that are relevant to your current life.
Fragrant Aids for Past Life Recall
Past Life recall requires a "thinning of the veils" - a piercing of our mental shields so we can glimpse memories beyond this current time. Various herbal fragrances and oils can facilitate these memories.
Past Life Crystals and Stones
Since ancient times people have used crystals, stones and gems for various purposes. The ancients attribute many spiritual and mystical properties to gems and stones. Various stones are helpful in aiding past life recall.
Planting A Past Life Garden
Nature can be a wonderful stimulus to past life recall. Often, our past lives memories are linked with a particular landscape feature - mountains, oceans and so on. Particular flowers are well known as memory stimulators.
Reincarnated Soul Groups
The theory and beliefs of reincarnation teach that people tend to be reborn with the same souls, again and again. It has become almost a cliche - a common pickup line, if you will - the notion of "Haven't we met before - perhaps in another life?" But it isn't just a line. Often, we are attracted to souls that we recognize, even though we rarely remember from where.
Resonance: Your Past Life Radar
Resonance, a term borrowed from sound theory and quantum physics has a special meaning in the context of reincarnation and past life recall. It means a feeling of attraction, a "tugging of the heartstrings" - one that you can not explain. It defies simple logic.
Using Regression for Past Life Recall
Past life regression is the induction of a hypnotic reverie where you relive pieces of relevant past lives. Usually regression is done with a trained hypnotist, savvy in the process of reviewing past lives for clearing, awareness and healing.

Buy the Past Life WorkbookBuy the Past Life Workbook
Past Life Workbook

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